Cultivating real connections, curating an intentional experience, and preserving the emotions of your special day through editorial, documentary-style photography.

Ultimately, everything I do is about creating imagery that feels like you.

Authenticity, Artistic Practice, Connection 


Photography, to me, is an intentional experience that extends beyond simply a day of taking pictures. I want to get to know you, understand your vision, and bring a sense of ease to the process. I believe it’s from this place of genuine connection and feeling of comfort you can be fully yourself and present, allowing a deeper level of authenticity to be reflected in your images.

I want you to let go of any worries about feeling awkward or being asked to pose in a way that doesn’t feel natural to you. I’m here to help you feel confident, supported, and most importantly, comfortably yourself in front of the camera.

And no need to stress about whether I'll capture those meaningful memories—like the last line of your best friend's speech that left everyone teary-eyed, or that deep breath you took before walking down the aisle. I’ll be there for every beautiful, fleeting moment.

Because years from now, when you revisit your photos, I want you to feel transported back into each moment, as if you're experiencing it again for the first time.

I'll take care of your photos. Your task is simply to live your day to its fullest.


My style combines filmy, grainy, editorial-style images with a soft, ethereal feel. I believe that photos always reflect the truth when they hold the fullness of the present moment—the depth of expression, the faintest shifts in light, the unexpected movements. It's these small nuances that come together to tell your story, something I consider true poetry in motion.

When editing, I don't view the image as a whole. Instead, my focus is n the
finer aspects—the wrinkles in a tie, the subtle sway of a breeze, or a hand
gently placed on a shoulder. It's within these details that the narrative emerges. The magic is already there—I simply enhance it.

I want your photos to evoke the same feelings of softness and familiarity you experience when you're with your person—a warm, nostalgic feeling that, like your love, only gets better with time.

“She truly captures the most genuine perspective of a couple's love.

Emily is absolutely amazing and her photos left my husband and I speechless! We could
not be happier with her and not to mention, she is the sweetest human! We will definitely
ask her to take our photos time and time again.”

—The Cooks

—The Schearers

"Emily is an amazing photographer who can make any couple feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Emily did our engagement and wedding photos and we are so so happy with the results. These are pictures we will have for a lifetime and we are so happy with the quality of the special moments she delivered." 

Hi, I’m Emily

When I'm not behind the lens, you'll often find me outdoors with my family. We love camping under the stars, hiking through nature, taking beach vacations, and spending lazy summer days on the lake. The mountains are my place of peace and grounding. And nothing beats a cozy night at home with a good book and warm chai tea.

Balancing photography with family time, I thrive in fast-paced, chaotic
environments. There's never a dull moment in my household, so I'm more than prepared for whatever your wedding day throws my way. My outgoing and go-with-the-flow personality allows me to adapt quickly to any situation. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned photographing weddings, it’s that it’ll all fly by in a beautiful blur.

My advice to you on your wedding day is simply to embrace the fullness of the experience. I'll be there to capture it all—the meaningful memories and behind -the-scenes energy, the moments that were planned and definitely the ones t hat were unplanned. Because there’s beauty in it all.

—photographer, wife, and mom to three tenacious little girls.

Representing you and your family as your most genuine
selves in your photos.


what I value

Building meaningful relationships through complete transparency, meaningful interactions, and open communication.


Honoring photography as an art form throughout the entire process, from the experience, to the documentation, to the editing.


Creating a relaxed, stress-free experience from initial inquiry to final
gallery delivery.


Whether you're envisioning mountain vistas or a vineyard venue, planning a black-tie affair or a sweet garden gathering —your wedding day will be quintessentially yours, and your photos should reflect just that.